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At PS 150 we seek to nurture the intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth of our students as we engage their hearts and minds in a love of learning. Through a child-centered curriculum integrating the arts, sciences, math and letters, we will create independent, creative thinkers with the tools to excel in their future endeavors.

Our small community depends on its teachers, parents and students working closely together with mutual respect to achieve the best educational environment and opportunities we can for each and every child and emphasizes the importance of participating in a community as an essential part of every child’s education.


What sets our school apart from others in our neighborhood is our size. With maximum capacity of 186 children, we have only one class on a grade level. We know all our children and are able to customize the school experience for every child. While our classes are heterogeneous, our talented staff differentiates instruction for each student so that all are being challenged, all are being encouraged to achieve beyond previous levels.

Our school is known for our gentle nurturing of each child. We have a full time guidance counselor on staff who works with teachers and children in going through the social and emotional challenges of the elementary school years.

Similar to other elementary schools in District 2, we offer a challenging and engaging curriculum. We employ balanced approach to learning literacy, a constructivist approach to learning mathematics, and an integrated approach to learning social studies, technology and science. Engaging in both hands-on projects and written work, children develop solid skills, in-depth understandings, and positive attitudes toward learning.

We also emphasize arts education and appreciation. In addition to having weekly art and music lessons, children at PS 150 study dance, architecture, puppetry, and story telling.

PS 150 has a vital, active PTA. Parents support the school’s mission through fundraising, classroom volunteering, and community building.